My son was born in May, so my maternity leave gets to be spent not only with him but also with my 8-year-old daughter. Harrison and Sammi have very different ability levels, obviously, so finding ways to keep organized, maintain sanity, and still have a fun summer is the goal.

Check out our summer control center:


I found some great printables on Pinterest to help give some slight structure to our days while still allowing for flexibility.

The week activity schedule came from Somewhat Simple, and helps us plan simple activities that fit a daily theme.

The “BORED” chart came from Modern Parents Messy Kids, and is where I send Sammi when she whines the phrase, “I’m booooooored!” Since the chart lists earning money as an option, I also hung a paper in which my husband and I list extra chores that Sammi can do to earn money. These are in addition to her daily and weekly responsibilities that she doesn’t get paid for.

Here’s to a great summer!